Data Analysis Module

Supports the creation of lists and analytical reports using the collected reports’ data. Reports can be enriched with an additional description and printed directly from aSISt. Therefore, aSISt is the repository of financial information.

The Module facilitates the use of ready, high-quality data and simplifies the analysis of the entity’s situation.


In the Data Analysis Module users can easily:

  • develop their own economic analyses – with data taken directly from reports as well as established on the basis of indicator, units, etc.
  • create many types of reports in which the actual data are presented and aggregated
  • create variables in order to standardize the use of indicators in different reports
  • edition, re-generation or deletion of previously created reports
  • add a verbal description of analytical reports
  • save reports to Excel files
  • define report templates, which can be repeatedly used to generate current lists and brochures
  • make brochures with graphical elements (e.g. Logo) and publish them in PDF format and print

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