aSISt EBA ITS is a sophisticated, up-to-date reporting tool. Our system for banks is intuitive to use, which allows the user to make a correct and complete ITS report without the need to focus on the technological complexity of the reporting process.

There are many benefits to be gained from the new, advanced XBRL generator:
  • aSISt EBA ITS deals with the full reporting cycle, from data entry through report validation and generation, to archived corrections
  • aSISt EBA ITS prevents user errors through customizable data validation rule
  • aSISt EBA ITS provides a variety of ways to prevent data loss
aSISt EBA ITS as complex obligatory reporting solution

In accordance with ITS EBA or national supervisors’ taxonomies and requirements, aSISt EBA ITS deals with the full reporting cycle: data input, editing and completion, report verification and reconciliation, validation and archiving (saving, printing, etc.), report transfer, correction of historical reports.


Reports sent to the supervising authority should be retained because in some cases they have to be corrected. aSISt EBA ITS is developed with a repository of reports (database) for the collection and management of reports prepared for successive reporting periods. aSISt EBA ITS has full functionality necessary for the preparation and reconciliation of all mandatory XBRL reports  resulting from EBA requirements:

  • easy report data input

aSISt EBA ITS provides numerous options of entering data into reports, allowing both manual and automatic input methods. Advanced XBRL tool, aSISt EBA ITS has built-in two-way CSV, XML, XBRL and Excel interfaces. Moreover, aSISt EBA ITS can be expanded with an advanced data entry automation module that works with various data sources, which enables the mapping of tabular reports and list reports.

  • real-time Formula validator

aSISt EBA ITS supports data reconciliation with a built-in real-time XBRL and XBRL Formula validator. For users’ comfort inconsistencies in reports are presented in a visual form with links to the locations where they occur.

Report repository

aSISt EBA ITS operates on free repositories and therefore do not require additional licenses. The software can be installed either on one computer with a free of charge Derby database or on multiple computers configured to work with a shared Oracle database. aSISt supports simultaneous work of two or more people on the same report form. The number of workstations can be increased any time. aSISt EBA ITS can operate on as many stations, as needed.

Comfortable for every-day use

aSISt EBA ITS is an ‘off-the-shelf’ application. Easy and fast installation is possible without technical support from the supplier – simply download it from our website.

Data loss prevention

aSISt allows for data restoration from backup files through specific functions in emergency situations. aSISt has following functions for backing up and restoring entered data:

  • creating and restoring data from a backup file
  • creating and restoring report archives
  • export and import of data

In the entire reporting cycle, the system reminds users often to create a backup in an appropriate notification. Functions preventing data loss can be also used at any time of the report preparation.

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