The obligation of reporting AnaCredit will cover all credit institutions that must prepare granular data ragarding each loan separately. The first implementation stage will start in September 2018, which means that by that time, National Supervisors will have to deliver the first AnaCredit report to the European Central Bank.

Analytical Credit Dataset is an European micro base containing detailed information on individual bank loans in the euro area. All credit institutions must report very detailed information about loans grouped in 2 templates with 89 features. The report will have to be deliver in an obligatory format, most likely in xml.


AnaCredit will support major central bank tasks

and provide substantial information in many areas, e.g.:
  • financial stability and macro prudential analysis
  • monetary policy and monetary analysis
  • market operations and risk management of banks

Will also increase financial integration and stability which is one of the Single Supervisory Mechanism’s (SSM) targets.

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