At first, tranSIS solution was prepared for central entities of bank associations for supervision over reporting processes. Thanks to its functionality, tranSIS is very useful also in groups of banks and may be used even by banking sector regulators.

System tranSIS in associations is integrated with many applications of aSISt reporting system operating in associated banks. However, the implemented technology allows to integrate it also with other reporting systems. This function is extremely useful when there are many entities to be supervised. It means that all information, including taxonomies, validation rules, etc. can be distributed automatically, including the reports collection and data analysis.

tranSIS is a system which supports the supervising function over the reporting process of the whole association. Its analysis module is used to create summaries of reports collected from banks.
Thanks to this combination, tranSIS can be used as a tool for supervision of reporting process as well as for verification of reports in a current reporting process. The tool allows to track ongoing changes in the reports of associated banks, including corrections, current reports status, etc.

Another application of tranSIS is the data analysis process. This task is possible in every moment in time, and once generated analytical report remains constant despite the future changes in individual reports. It means that once the analytical report is prepared, any changes including corrections made in associated banks “solo” reports do not affect it. To obtain current data, report can be easily re-generated from the saved template.

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