axSIS is basically an application created for storage of the XBRL reports from external entities and analysis of data in XBRL format.

Thanks to this solution, the user can verify and compare all of the received XBRL reports.
One of the greatest advantages of the system is an automation of the data analysis process based on defined templates of analytical reports.

axSIS enables defining of many various templates of analytical reports in few easy steps. They include facts selection and expressions defining based on the selected facts. The templates can be saved and re-used any time in the future.

The analytical reports include one of the following options:

  • review of an individual XBRL report
  • analysis of the structure of an individual report
  • cross-sectional analysis
  • analysis of the dynamics of the reports – changes in time
  • statistical calculations on the set of reports
  • score rating

Any of the analytical reports can be adjusted in one of the following ways:

  • column and row headers adjustment
  • charts adjustment (bar charts, line graphs, etc.)
  • possibility of report structure adjustment (columns into rows transposition)

Moreover, any of the analytical reports may be also exported to one of the preferred formats (.csv, .xls, Excel file) or printed directly (with a possibility of print adjustment).
Because of its functionality and used formats, axSIS is a perfect tool for banking data analysis, predominantly for the analysis of data contained in two main XBRL reports COREP and FINREP, but also for any of the reports generated in XBRL format. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for auditors, auditing associations and obviously for banks themselves.
In case when a bank uses aSISt reporting system, an alternative for axSIS may be an analysis module – a functional, additional module for aSISt.

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